GB Studio Numbers Cheat Sheet

A handy dandy guide for certain numbers relevant to GB studio development!


8×8The size of a background tile
8×16The size of a sprite tile
16×16Two sprite tiles, a metasprite
32×32Eight sprite tiles, a metasprite
64×7236 sprite tiles combined, the largest connected metasprite one can create


3Colours can be used for sprites (1 transparent)
4Colours can be used for backgrounds and UI
5Projectiles per scene
10Sprite tiles can be loaded in one row (scanline) before dropping out
10Active actors can be on screen at once
16GBC Palettes total, 8 for background and 8 for sprites. Each palette can hold 4 colours
20Active actors over a larger scene
38Maximum amount of 8×16 sprite tiles on screen at once (2 reserved for Emote)
96Max amount of sprite tiles in a scene total


128Max Background Tiles in a scene to be able to have 96 sprite tiles available
192Max Background Tiles in a scene and still be able to use dialog/text. 64 sprite tiles available
256Max Background Tiles in a scene that isn’t logo mode. 64 sprite tiles available
360The amount of tiles that make up a 160×144 resolution. All tiles can be unique in logo mode. 12 sprite tiles are available


160 x 144The base resolution for the Gameboy and smallest size for a scene
512 x 2040Maximum size for a scene height wise
1016 x 1024Maximum size for a scene equal-ish size
2040 x 512Maximum size for a scene length wise


071821Darkest tone for sprites and backgrounds
306850Mid dark tone for backgrounds only
86c06cMid light tone for sprites and backgrounds
e0f8cfLightest tone for sprites and backgrounds
65ff00Transparency for sprites