Here is a list of resources to help you with your GB Studio development. This list will be updated periodically. If you know of something that should be added to the list, please Contact Us.

We have an Itch page! Tutorials and Templates built by us can be found, along with collections of other assets made for GB Studio.

GB Studio 3.0 and GBVM

GBVM is the heart of GB Studio 3.0. All visual code is first built into GBVM, then compiled into the ROM. GBVM can also be directly used with the [GBVM Script] event. Documentation for GBVM is still in progress, but in the meantime you can check out these links to try things out:

The list of all available GBVM commands can be found here:

Examples uses of GBVM code can be found here:

GB Studio 2.0 Beta Support

Development for GB Studio 2.0 has officially ended. Many projects that were far in development cannot be migrated to 3.0 easily. In that case you’ll need to continue with 2.0. Most of the tools listed will work with 2.0, but these two links are the most valuable:

The docs for the GB Studio 2.0 Beta are available at

The latest development build of GB Studio can be downloaded at

Game Boy Flash Carts

0xbbbbbr made a comprehensive list of cart options. Items are accurate as of August 2022 and may be updated in the future.

Pixel Art Apps


Music Tools/Apps

Asset Collections


Cheat Sheet

Pixel Art Apps


Animated Sprite Editor, great for many types of pixel art

Free Windows based editor


“Old School” styled editor


Browser based pixel art editor


Free and open source image editor

Pixel Studio

iPad/iOS App, with macOS and Windows apps as well


Tile editor, great for making tilesets


Open source painting program


Browser based photo editor


Free Pixel animation tool for Windows


Free* cross platform tool for creating tilesets. (*paid version has more features)


Tile Counter

Checks the Tile Count for a PNG image

Max BG Calc

Calculates the maximum dimension you can make in GB Studio 2.0 +

Music Tools/Apps


Windows and macOS Music Tracker


Windows music tracker


Clone of the classic Amiga tracker, Windows and macOS


Web based music tracker


Tracker that will be integrated into a future release of GB Studio

FT 2 Mod

Converts Famitracker text export into OpenMTP paste data

MIDI 2 Mod

Converts MIDI files to GB Studio read mod files (Work In Progress)

Game Boy Music Tools

Tools for Game Boy Music from Trominal

Asset Collections

GB Studio Assets on Itch

Collection of assets made for GB Studio on

Fonts from Jeremy Duber

Free set of fonts for GB Studio

Community Assets (DeerTears Collection)

Contains sprites, music, fonts and more.

Kenney NL Fonts

Free set of pixel fonts

Monochrome RPG

Free tiles and NPC sprites from Kenney NL

BitFont Maker

Tool for making pixel font, web based

GB Studio Plugin Database
Collection of Plugins and tools for GB Studio.



Generates a long text “crawl” PNG optimized for GB Studio

GlyphBoy Swap

Localization tool for non-latin characters

8-Bit Alchemist

Generates random sprites and avatars

Tile-Set Extractor

Generates a tile sheet from a bitmap

2-Bit Character Generator

Creates customizable sprites and animations

GB Studio Font Generator

Converts TTF fonts into GB Studio ready PNG ASCII


Converts MIDI data to a pastable Sound Effect event