Detective Cat

Detective Cat is a real hidden gem among GB Studio games. Usually a game with art this nice would get more attention, but I suspect that a lot of people didn’t discover it because it has no page, or they didn’t know that it was in English.

It really lives up to the name playing as a cat detective. You’re trying to indulge in a little tropical alcoholism when your break is cut short and the inhabitants of this island seem to expect you to do your job, even when you are on vacation. I won’t spoil anything major, but you end up needing to investigate a crime.

You’ll explore the island interrogating witnesses and using the process of elimination to determine who the culprit is. I really enjoyed this part, learning more about the characters while making note of their unique appearance to surmise who’s guilty.

After you have interviewed everyone on the island, you will have enough information to deduce who the guilty party is. Hopefully you will get it right and win the game – but it’s not over yet! One of the coolest features of Detective Cat is that every time you play, a different person will be guilty. The person who was guilty in my playthrough of the game may be different than yours. This gives the game a lot of replay value. It also means that no one can spoil the solution. Since each guilty party has a different ending, it’s really fun to see the different motivations for the crime and the way the endings play out.

I am not a big fan of seagulls myself because I have had a hamburger stolen by one, but these are undeniably cute.
Press SELECT or SHIFT to pull up a menu of clues you’ve already collected.

Detective Cat is available to play on the creator’s blog:

Click on the image to play the game in your browser, or can click the link that says “télécharger ici” to download the ROM. The blog isn’t in English, but the game itself is.

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