Pi Pico Game Boy Flash Cart

You may have heard of the Pi Pico being released, it’s a $5 microcontroller from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Unlike their other offerings, the Pi Pico is not a single board computer, this device exists in the tech space usually filled with Arduinos, and is designed to be more of a hardware controller (typically with one task) than a fully fledged computer with an operating system. So what does this have to do with the Game Boy and GB Studio?

Pico Pi Game Boy Cart (WIP)

Recently, a user by the name 0xen had made some progress at getting Game Boy ROMs running from a Pi Pico on a Game Boy Color over on reddit.

While it’s still early days in terms of development, 0xen received some help from veteran cart PCB developer HDR, who has designed a plethora of reflashable carts and replacement Nintendo GBA PCBs. You can check out his GitHub here.

While the cart does not support a lot of features yet, there are plans for SD card support in the future. Providing a potentially more affordable and accessible flash cart (one that can be open sourced) is particularly exciting for the Game Boy homebrew scene. Updates and a release might take some time, but I’m very excited to see more progress on this in the future as well as similar Pi Pico projects.

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