InsideGadgets GBxCart 1.4 Release

Last month, insideGadgets launched the 1.4 revision of the GBxCart RW, (you can read our spotlight on the 1.3 version here). This new revision keeps all the features of the 1.3 and comes in at the same price point.

Getting your ROMs onto real hardware is now faster than ever with the GBxCart RW 1.4, out-pacing all of its previous iterations. You can now disable and enable power to the device via software or from an onboard button – which means you can remove cartridges without needing to unplug the GBxCart first. No more wearing out your USB ports/cables! The board also features two new indicator LEDs, one to show when a transfer is completed, and the other for errors that could arise.

While the GBxCart 1.4 doesn’t pack a tonne of new features, what it adds are important quality of life updates, and these make it easier and quicker to make and test GB Studio games.

You can get the new GBxCart RW 1.4 from insideGadget’s website.

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