Converting your GB Studio ROMs for use with the N64

So far, we have explored ways to have your GB Studio ROMs playing on the Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance and 3DS. Each time I discover a way to have our games running on another console, I have to let everyone know about it and now we can add the Nintendo 64 to the list!

This actually might be the easiest conversion of a ROM ever. Take your ROM of choice, then go to this website. (I’ll be using the Jurassic Snap DEMO for the purposes of this article – I mean, it’s the perfect ROM for this.)

GB64 ROM conversion website.

This is all pretty straight forward. Upload your ROM, then change the save type to SRAM. Ticking the “Pad to MB” option is also recommended. *IMPORTANT* Adding a bios file to your ROM and distributing it is illegal and only adds the Game Boy boot logo on startup. If it’s for personal use this is fine, as long as you legally source your bios file!

Then click convert and download and you’re done! Unfortunately I was unable to get this working on any emulator but it was fully functional on my actual N64.

Jurassic Snap running on the N64.

There is also a way to make physical N64 carts of your ROMs! I mentioned the RetroBlaster Programmer by RetroStage in an earlier article. This device can also flash N64 carts made by RetroStage.

In a reasonable amount of time we have managed to get GB Studio ROMs working on so many different consoles it’s amazing! I have very little doubt that our Game Boy games could be available for every console capable of running them before we know it.

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